Foreign language desktop publishing is required if your documents require more advanced formatting or layout than you can achieve using standard word processing. We can use your existing artwork template, or work with you to create a localised version, removing the burden of dealing with formatting in foreign languages and scripts. This ensures that the text is presented in a polished format as good as the original. If this process is not done professionally, errors in the final printed document could be potentially catastrophic.

Our specialist desktop publishing team work in a variety of software packages which enables translations to be returned to you in the same file format as supplied, or alternatively in a format of your choice. Expert advice is provided on any issues that may arise involving design work using foreign languages.

This ensures that country-specific character and typesetting conventions are adhered to, and that word, syllable and sentence breaks are correct in the target language, whilst maintaining your original file layout and ensuring that the fonts and spacing in your foreign language texts are adapted properly. We can provide a wide variety of fonts and applications able to handle virtually all languages and writing systems.

Our translators and layout designers specialise in a wide variety of fields including technical, business, marketing, advertising and website translation.