We can provide specialist, professional, mother-tongue voice-over artists, male or female, selected according to your specific requirements. Studios and equipment may also be arranged using high quality sound booths and the latest digital recording and software systems .

A high quality professional foreign voice can localise the content of your recording and communicate across linguistic and cultural boundaries, ensuring quality and accuracy.

We cover a broad range of languages, dialects and regional accents. All voice-over artists are mother-tongue, therefore ensuring that every word is pronounced correctly and the text’s nuances are conveyed appropriately.
Our voice-over specialists create and translate voice-over scripts timed precisely to fit the source picture.

All voice-over recordings are made in professional studios with engineering support to produce work with high sound quality and our native speakers ensure a natural, accurate, and professional voiceover.


We were assigned to undertake a voice-over recording for an employee safety training manual, for a construction engineering company, into Polish, Romanian and Bulgarian. All voice-over artists were selected for their voice suitability and following our strict policy of mother-tongue professional linguists.

We translated and provided a French voice-over recording for a video for a North East-based international company, specialists in manufacturing and providing machinery for the earthmoving industry. The voice-over artist was a French mother-tongue professional linguist..